I’ve done this many times, and know how long it takes to produce something of value. The process benefits from repetition: more outcomes from less inputs of my time and your time, over time.

Below I’ve outlined the process as if it was the first time we were to engage.

  1. Let’s meet – in person or over skype/hangouts – I’m in Auckland, New Zealand, I don’t mind where you are. This first meeting costs nothing and is designed to establish a relationship of trust between us.
  2. Let’s talk – You talk, I listen and ask questions to uncover opportunities, identify your audiences, find value propositions, and come up with ideas for positioning your brand and the first few pieces of content. This costs $160+ gst per hour and usually takes an hour.
  3. I then document our conversation and come back to you with a plan for content placement and an outline of the first pieces of content – up to two hours at the hourly rate
  4. You approve, and I execute on the agreed pieces. An average LinkedIn article/blog post takes about one hour to write and one hour work to perfection based on your feedback.
  5. Either your internal team can manage the placement of this content in the appropriate channels or I can do this on your behalf.
  6. All in all, you’ve spent about one hour of your time and around $800 of your cash, to gain confidence in your approach, and the ability to start engaging with your valuable audiences at a thought leadership level. Plus you’ve been armed with at least one quality piece of content to start sparking these conversations.
  7. Repeat steps 2 – 5, refining as we develop our partnership.

The above process works because it is built on identifying your audience, crafting content that connects with them, and leveraging your intelligence to help your business thrive.

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